West Mersea Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for West Mersea took place on Thursday 17th March 2022 at the West Mersea Bowls Club in Colchester Road, West Mersea.

The West Mersea Neighbourhood Plan sets out the planning framework about how West Mersea residents and businesses would like the parish to develop over the 15 years up to 2033.
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The Government encourages town and parish councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans enabling local people to have a say in how their neighbourhood grows and develops. In 2016 the Town Council agreed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. Since then a Working Group of volunteer residents has undertaken surveys and consultations and produced a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan was amended following consultation in late 2020 (extended to Jan 4th 2021 because of Covid-19) and, along with supporting documents, has now been submitted to Colchester Borough Council (CBC).

The Borough Council (CBC) will now consult on the Plan and subsequently the Plan will be independently examined. Details of the consultation will be available here once consultation commences.

Submitted Documents:

Click here to read / download (print) the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to read / download (print) the Consultation Statement

Click here to read / download (print) the Basic Conditions Statement

Click here to read / download (print) the Appraisal of Views Document

Previous Stages

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation process includes a number of stages that have to be completed before the Plan is adopted. These are:

1 – Designation of Neighbourhood Area
In 2016, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, Colchester Borough Council formally designated the whole parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area

2 – Information Gathering - Surveys and consultation events - click here to view Supporting Evidence

3 – Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Plan - Consultation on the Pre-Submission draft Plan took place between 23 October 2020 and 4 January 2021. The Pre-Submission Draft Plan can be read / downloaded here

4 – Submission of Plan to Colchester Borough Council

5 – Further Consultation by Colchester Borough Council 
       Click here to view the consultation page on the Colchester Borough Council website

List of amendments:
Page 44
  para.12.1 should refer to Appendix 4 not 5  Also last item in Local List are actually two separate items in the List.
Page 46   para. should be 30 potential heritage assets not 36.  See removed  old Appendix 5 & 6 now a supporting document.
Page 57   Areas are missing for places  30 to 40 on the list.  See "Summary of Open Spaces West Mersea August 2021"
Page 59   Colour coding and italics on page 59 missing which links with Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study for West Mersea Neighbourhood Plan. The italics and greying also indicates areas outside the parish but on the Island. See: "Summary of Open Spaces West Mersea August 2021"
Page 60   Data missing for items 1 & 2 in the last three columns.  Again please use the updated attached document "Summary of Open Spaces West Mersea August 2021"
Page 64   under Note 3 should be as below not a repeat of Note 2
3 https://roadtraffic.dft.gov.uk/manualcountpoints/941073
Page 67  Missing is the Grade 1 listed building Mersea Parish Church. And others are all grade 2.

Summary of Open Spaces West Mersea August 2021
Former Appendix 5 & 6 now a supporting document October 2021

6 – Independent Examination of Plan - Examiner's Report

Future Stages

7 – Referendum - Subject to the stages above and potential COVID-19 restrictions

8 – Making (adoption) of Plan by Colchester Borough Council

The story so far

West Mersea Town Council has agreed to prepare a neighbourhood plan. A working group of volunteers has undertaken surveys and consultation.

How to view the plan and stay in touch

The links to view the Draft Local Plan and associated documents are listed above. However, please feel free to ask questions here